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Museums are soulmates of light. Without proper lighting, any form of art will fail to deliver sensory pleasure. Since all forms of art trigger varied emotions, it is vital to have mood specific lighting to frame and showcase them. This promises a memorable experience for the visitors.

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Pleasant lights in a store add to the appeal of the merchandize on display. It enables customers to stay longer at the store, look around, engage with the products and make a purchase. The right spectrum of lights can improve the retail business by highlighting unique features of the products, thereby enhancing brand perception. The subconscious play of lighting can convert window shoppers to customers.

Warehouse & Works 

Educational Institutions

Industrial architecture is characterized by exposed concrete, stone or brick walls and high ceilings and is meant to motivate and lead to higher productivity. Thoughtful lighting reduces fatigue and increases emotional well-being of workers. This directly impacts their productivity and allows them to focus on their tasks with greater efficiency.

Facades & Monuments



Factories, Cleanrooms & 


Lighting has a direct relation with health and wellness. Visiting hospitals often creates fear, anxiety and gloom. Lighting goes a long way in providing much needed hope, courage and cheer in such situations. Therefore, lighting for healthcare and wellness institutions needs special attention to provide a clean, comfortable and bright space to those seeking the 

Museums & Art Galleries

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Retail & Display 

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Hotels and Hospitality& SPAs



Our customised LED lighting solutions provides an unmatched combination of inspired design, quality and value. We care deeply for the passion that drives architects and designers to craft unique creations. Our  strong in-house engineering team is equipped in bringing their concepts and ideas to reality. This includes conceptualization, design, manufacturing and installation. We offer choices in design, sizes, materials, fabrics and colours.

Educational institutions provide a platform for exchange of ideas and learning. This requires a conducive atmosphere that accelerates critical thinking with a calm mind. Lighting plays a crucial role in reducing eye fatigue and stress, enabling longer hours of learning.

Experience Center 


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At RIPPL Lighting, we transform spaces through the power of lighting.

We design and develop concepts, services, solutions and products that

seamlessly harmonize magnificent looks, health, comfort and

unmatched versatility.

Breakout Zones, 
Special areas

Facades and monuments have peculiar lighting requirements. Appropriate lighting can highlights the intricate designs, beauty, character, historical relevance and grandeur of these structures. Facades and monuments also require responsible lighting which can maintain its original form, texture and color, ensuring zero damage over time.







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Office spaces need lights that are intuitive to the needs of the people and enhance innovative thinking, collaboration and advanced problem solving. Lighting products are customized to different tasks, settings and varied requirements. The aim is to create a dynamically optimized atmosphere while delivering comfort and balanced energy consumption. We are skilled at turning offices into highly energized and appealing life-spaces.

Lighting plays a critical role in adding class, elegance and opulence to our spaces of leisure, adding to the pleasurable experience. It sets different moods, hence delivering a unique experience in each space – cheerful and bright play-area, intimate dining area, groovy and fun dance space, inspiring conference room, relaxing pod for guests, brightly lit up kitchen and the like. While we deliver a rich experience for the guests, our Lighting Solutions ensures energy efficiency and cost-effectivness for your business.